Play Sequences

Pretend play is incredibly important for developing a child’s imagination, creative thinking, problem solving, language skills and social communication. The term sequencing refers to the ability to break events or activities down into simple steps, in an order that makes sense. This helps us organise our thoughts so we can understand the world around us by recognising patterns and making events more predictable. Sequencing skills are also needed to identify the components of a story i.e. the beginning, middle and end, in order to retell events in the order in which they occurred, an important literacy skill. In this section, you’ll find helpful material to support children in learning sequencing through pretend play, as they care for Baby during daily routines like feeding, changing and at bedtime.


Fun with food – Mealtime Routines

Let’s get changed – Nappy changing Routines

Time to go to sleep – Bedtime Routines