Rubens Baby has been created with experts to help children develop language skills, learn about their bodies, and explore emotions through play. While learning these skills, children care for Baby step-by-step, help Baby heal and understand how Baby feels, all while connecting with their new best friend.

Together with Experts


Meet Jenny Hillier!

Jenny is a Speech and Language Therapist collaborating with a team of professionals working with children. The team consists of a wide range of professionals from Speech and Language Therapists/ Speech-Language Pathologists, Teachers, Occupational Therapists, and Psychologists. The Rubens Baby concept was developed together with Jenny to equip children with the foundational skills needed to communicate and connect with others on a social and emotional level.

Play Sequences

This section features educational material to help support a child in identifying & describing sequences of actions or events through role play.

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Body Awareness

This section features inspiring and educational ideas for play to help a child to learn the names of body parts & explore sensations in the body, including pain.

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Emotional Intelligence

In this section, you will find useful ideas to support a child in identifying, understanding & managing emotions, all through play.

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